Electrical Engineers & Contractor


The Services DEVU ELECTRICALS PVT. LTD. offer include all aspects of New Construction related to the Electrical System.


electrical earthing faridabad We offer advanced & cost effective electrical design including safety provisions as per requirements of client. We provide single line and wiring diagrams which help electricians during execution.
After Designing, we also Supply the required material and carry out the whole installations work for electrical setup.

LT Panels

electrical service in faridabad We provide & install LT Panels, AMF, APFC and Feeder Pillar Panels designed according to Indian standards with branded circuit breakers and accessories as per Project requirements.

Internal electrical installations

cctv camera in faridabad We do conducting, wiring and cabling work for lighting, power (Raw or UPS), Telecommunication System, Computer system, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection & Alarm System, PA system, Music System in Theatres etc. Multistrand FR or FRLS copper wires of top quality brand are used in wiring. Whole wiring work is carried out as per Indian electricity rules. We also supply & install GI or MS Cable trays and Raceways.

External electrical installations

electrical earthing faridabad We also do external electrification work including Supplying, Installation, Testing & commissioning of Transformers, Generators, Cables below ground, Landscape lighting, Metering, Street lighting etc.


devu epl We provide Pipe or Plate Earthing & Maintenance free chemical earthing to protect human life and all Equipment’s installed in whole electrical system.

CCTV, Access Control & PA system

cctv camera in faridabad In addition with wiring for low voltage system, we also deal in supplying & installation of Cameras, DVR and all equipment’s required for Access control, PA and Music system.

Fire detection and alarm system

fire detection and alarm system in faridabad We supply and install Conventional or Addressable FDA System including Fire Panel, Smoke Detectors, Beam Detector, Hooters, Manual call point, Response Indicators etc.

Solar Energy System

Solar Energy System in faridabad Being authrised dealer of Su-Kam, We offer ON-Grid and OFF-Grid Solar Installation Services for Residential, Industrial and Commercial projects.